A bold step in packaging with the replacement of plastic shrink wrap with paper

KHS – Innovated Paper Bundler

The KHS has innovated a new step to add bundler paper wrap in their portfolio. And it was tried-and-tested Innopack Kisters tray packers, the system’s supplier allows to wrap the cans of food and beverage in the paper.
It is an alternative of shrink bundler wrap and also for wrap-around carton for the beverages CANS.

Alternative of shrink bundler

As per the performance and functionality of the paper bundler, the outcomes are the same. Yet matched to cardboard, costs are more economical as less energy and fewer materials used. With several modifications, existing machines can also be turned to the new setup.

Beverage CAN Paper Bundler

The beverage industry needs a better solution for sustainability to the user and society. And customers want options to the usual packaging systems such as plastic shrink film. And it will be as eco-friendly as possible. 
To this end, the paper bundler wrapping has now been exhibited together with an international beverage producer. The paper bunder can substitute for a shrink wrap or carton packaging or sale on packs of 12 or 24 cans in the high-capacity varieties of up to 90,000 cans per hour. 

Paper Bunder Machine

The conventional parts such as tray detachment from the magazine, gluing, or can feed support are the same as KHS machines already on the market. It enables beverage companies to have the tray packers already in service at their plants transformed simply by adapting specific modules. It won’t make a full new purchase unnecessary.
Source: KHS

Advantages of Paper Bundler

Wrapping with paper to cans has many benefits over plastic materials, believes Klumpe. Besides, writing is more helpful to the environment than the plastic film concerning sea contamination. Paper biodegrades in the environment after a few weeks of disposal.
Somewhat a sturdy wrap-around carton or plastic film packs on trays, packaging cans in less thickness paper. It only needs a flat, durable corrugated card pad as a base – with the same results regarding performance.

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