Paper-Based Packaging for Cheese Product

Mondi and REWE Group in Austria focus on sustainability and better recyclability

REWE group and Mondi Group jointly innovate the sustainable alternative for the packaging of premium cheese product of its organic brand Ja! Natürlich with a new patented solution.
REWE is a bigger group in the retail chain which providing the organic cheese slices in a natural brown paper tray packaging. The paper tray is composed of the recycled waste paper, which is 80% virgin fiber and only 20% plastic.
So, this reduces 70% less plastic and 2/3rd of carbon footprint with the earlier packaging.

As a worldwide leader in packaging and paper sector, Mondi is a pioneer in making packaging sustainable by design.

Paper-Based Packaging for Cheese Product - PackagingGURUji

The proposed natural brown paper of the new cheese packaging is created by Mondi Frantschach, Carinthia, predominantly from Austrian wood. The natural paper trays are also prepared and surfaced in Austria & as an outcome, transit can be a minimum charge.

Paper Properties

1. Formable paper packaging with a patented barrier
2. It is Composed of natural brown paper (Advantage Formable Brown)
3. Well suited for shallow food trays (e.g., for cheese, meat or fish)
4. Great proportional stretch for uniform formability
5. No change in filling lines


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