Medical Packaging tell you the expiration date

When you have a cold or fever or pain, you don’t continuously have to check the expiration date of your meds as you rifle through the medicine cabinet. But seeing and checking your meds have gone issue because it isn’t always easy, mainly when your condition is bad. So creators Kanupriya Goel and Gautam Goel have innovated a new type of medication packaging that also expires, presenting easy to understand clues that the meds have gonna expire.

The new packaging got to use a multi-layered structure emphasizing the regular label layer on top, and a bottom with the expiration printed matter, then in between these layers would be a diffusible material that lets the ink from the bottom layer seep through over time, ultimately exposing when the meds were expired.

The method not only helps stop users from taking expired medication but in theory, it would also make it very challenging for shady retailers to sell medicine that’s past its prime.


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