Four Wind Vineyard – a Brand Makeover


Four Winds Vineyard is a family-business making premium single vineyard wines in the Canberra District. Customers liked the sensibility, real nature of the winery, and the kindness and approachability of the family. Everything exuded the family’s philosophy and environmental ethos: except for their label.
As business was growing, so wanted to increase its market share with a Sydney distributor. Feedback immediately recognized the quality of the wine was wonderful, but the packaging did not speculate that quality and would not compete to the market standard.

Unique packaging design for Four Winds Vineyard having into something they were already doing beautifully: their Instagram. Sarah Collingwood’s evocative photographs of family life on the vineyard were all we required to put on the label to achieve the warmth and character of the brand.

Four Wind Vineyard - a Brand Makeover - PackagingGURUji

The remarkable effects won the Gold Trophy at the Design Effectiveness Awards in London, showing the potential of great design to reconstruct a business’ bottom line.



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