Nestle Valvert launches in 100% r-PET bottle

Valvert launches today its new bottle made entirely from recycled plastic (rPET) in Belgium Europe. By the end of 2025This change is one of the actual proofs of Nestlé’s worldwide dedicated to making its packaging 100% reusable or recyclable. It is added an important step in Nestlé Waters’ strategy to beginning packaging waste and preserving water resources.

This bottle is another breakthrough for Valvert’s brand towards sustainability. Nestlé is already managing in conjunction with local farmers and communities to preserve the natural mineral water reservoir around its bottling plant in Etalle (BE). The bottle will be accessible in local stores this month in Belgium and Luxembourg.

“Nestle assumes that new Valvert 100% rPET bottle is a revolutionary step for the next generation of sustainable packaging, by defining PET bottle production from virgin PET. “That is why last year, Nestlé vowed with eight members of Fevia (the Federation of the Belgian food industry), to gather and reuse 90% of all beverage packaging in Belgium by 2022, including other areas.”

Nestle Valvert launches in 100% r-PET bottle - PackagingGURUji

Undertaking packaging waste is surely a preference for us, and also in April month, 2018 Nestlé declared its global aim to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025.


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