Unilever Cif innovation is on boom


A solution that tackles the environment.

Today’s environment challenge is how we produce, distribute, usage, and disposal of packaging material. It’s also a problem where using habits are just as important as business models.

Continued to that is the demand for trigger sprays, which are questionable in their way.
So, to address this demand, Unilever Cif brand designed eco-refill, which is 10x concentrated that permits buyers to buy one spray bottle, which they can then use for life.
It is formed with 75% less plastic, Cif eco-refill joins to current Cif Power & Shine bottles.
The product is being with 97%less water transported, 87% fewer trucks on the truck, and reduce the greenhouse gas emission.
The best part is diluting the product does not affect the performance.
This bottle is 100% recyclable and at the end of 2020, aiming for all eco-refill and spray bottles will be 100% recycled plastic.
Unilever is dedicated to people using their Power & Shine spray bottles for life, if the trigger spray breaks, we will serve without any penny.



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