What is exactly sustainable means?

In two words, sustainable means energy conservation for making the product.

If all we think in the unidirectional. I intend to ask because we consider only the uses up to ourselves, not up to the end of life. Every material on this planet such as metal, plastic, glass, wood, etc. whatever we use, is there any calculation of carbon footprint – used for making or extract the material. The only thing we know that how much money is being involved in getting the stuff.
Simply says, plastic requires less carbon footprint, but is it a sustainable source?
Another question arises from this statement. It can only be calculated with a start to the use of the plastic life cycle, not till the end of life. In the case of the other material such as metal, glass, if we don’t recycle and as such dump on the ground. It will degrade, and nothing will influence the environment.
But for the plastic, less energy needed for making, but when we require to be recycled, comparative more energy has to consume.
Again, if the plastic is easily recyclable, can it be the best sustainable option? 
In case if the plastic is used for every product because of easily recyclable property. Can it be the best sustainable option for the product?
Now, our earth or creature of this planet will decide, because the plastic can only be 4times recyclable. Then plastic loses its property, and it is used for making the road or other collaborative products. But ultimately, there is no dead-end for the plastic. 
We have to need better software from which we can calculate the carbon footprint for all the material up to the end of life. So, the packaging technologist quickly finds a way to tackle the issue of environmental impact.
Even users should access to know the carbon footprint data used in their entire life.

Vihaan Nagal

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