Contradiction on flexible and rigid packaging

Both the options have their own benefits but there are no cons, it is just on the usage demand by the company.
Its a general term that means rigidity, which is sabotage or an individual’s capability to respond, grow and develop.
Over the two decades, flexible packaging has developed a lot. Since its origins as a single-use packaging, the most significant introduction to the pouch has been the cap, which allows opening and closing of the package with ease, while providing the product to continue conserved and well-stored.

Why choose rigid
Can have an option your own mold and design can be registered.
Better on sealability
Good shelf impact
It can be reduced secondary packaging

Why choose flexible packaging
Production and filling can be on high speed
Very less space in warehousing
Less carbon footprint
No extra labeling required

But take it another way on environmental packaging, whether we should choose flexible or rigid plastic.
Sustainable is depended on numerous parameters but it’s up to you which parameter is suitable on your packaging.
Less carbon footprint, easily recyclable, reuse, life cycle assessment (LCA), single layer, etc makes your sustainable packaging.

Vihaan Nagal

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