What should we require to improve in Aerosol Packaging?

Missing Tamper-Evident in TIN or Aluminium CAN…

The aerosol CAN is one of the most exceptional innovation so far in the packaging sector. Everyone loves this type of packaging in the aerosol due to its reliable packaging. 

The TIN CAN is most usually lacquered tinplate (steel with a layer of tin) and may be built of 2 or 3 pieces of metal crimped mutually. Aluminum CANs are also conventional and are generally used for more valuable products or products intended to have more premium features, such as personal care products. 

Most Commonly, problems faced in daily shopping of aerosol CAN is tampering solution

When we enter in the shopping mall to chose the aerosol packaging, and we see the shelf of the aerosol CAN, we just look it and choose our brand. But we have questioned in our mind for the quantity/volume?

Same for that we have an answered…

We do take another 2 or more CAN of the same brand and balance the TIN or Aluminium CAN in our hand. That one feels higher in grams, we choose it. So what does it means? Many people those who visit the shopping mall, they just check it by-chance or intensely to check the aroma of that brand. It makes the low volume of the product in the aerosol CAN. But our packaging specialist or engineer finds a way to tackle this issue. Let’s check it out.

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Close look

Solution or Juggad by the packaging specialist to counter the tampering issue:

  1. Taping around the neck and shoulder of the TIN or Aluminium CAN.
  2. Many TIN or Aluminium CAN have the feature of tampering ring in the actuator.
  3. Some TIN or Aluminium CAN pack further in monocarton with proper gumming on flaps.
  4. TIN or Aluminium CAN pack in monocarton with shrink sleeve packaging.

But the above parameters are just for the self-satisfaction of the company people or sells guys. This solution will not work in actual life, and we have so many areas to improve our tampering features in aerosol packaging so that our customer think that their content volume is same as specified.

If we make it successful in that way, Ultimately our sale will increase just to add these features, and the mind itself prepared of the people not to tamper it in the shopping mall or anywhere else. And the customer will get the exact same volume as required.

So, what we are waiting for? 

Innovation hmm…

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