Sushi lover will now have a Bio-Compostable tray

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Source: BioPak

100% Bio-Compostable Sushi Tray
Sushi trays are formed from regular plastic obtained from finite fossil resources. Only 9% of the world’s plastics generating recycled, and our demand a more sustainable alternative i.e. Bio-compostable sushi trays.
So, BioPak innovated certified compostable, carbon-neutral sushi trays which are produced from plants and give a closed-loop choice.

FEATURES of Bio-Compostable Sushi tray
1. It is made from sugarcane pulp, and the by-product is disposed of in the refinery industry.
2. The compostable tray is with Australian standard – AS5810, Home-compostable and AS4736, Industrial-compostable.
3. Tray lid made up with IngeoTM bioplastic (feature – anti-fog technology to assure sushi seems excellent on display).
4. Sushi tray serves with wooden cutlery or chopsticks, to impress customers.

Disposal standard of Sushi trays
BioPak compostable sushi trays and lids can be industrially-composted, and the plates can be home-compost. BioPak also providing the pick-up service for the compost of sushi tray. With-in 8 weeks, the waste will be converted into nutrient-rich soil that can be used to grow plants and better fight climate change.The compostable trays and lids are closed-loop carbon-neutral options with available in a variety of sizes, including small, medium, large, and long.

Go and grab the best one.


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