World first from home composting film: EN-certified 3-layer packaging film

With the introduction of a 3-layer film that meets the European standard for home composting, Bio4Pack has a world first, confirming its leading role in the market for sustainable packaging solutions.

Multilayer Home composting film

The new 3-layer film (recognizable by the compostable logo with code 9P0044) has the highest possible barrier properties, making the film suitable for packaging all imaginable dry products. It finally offers packers of small food packaging (such as chips, bars, etc.) the opportunity to take a significant step forward in realizing corporate social responsibility objectives. Naturally, the film is also suitable for more extensive packaging.

Nothing or no one stands in the way of the success of this compostable packaging

The new 3-layer film is EN certified for home composting. This means that the packaging perishes within 26 weeks on a compost heap that needs to be optimized in a controlled manner, as professional composters do. The packaging can be put on the compost heap in the back of the garden and decayed into CO2, water, and a little hummus. As a result, the success of packaging is no longer hindered by third parties (such as policymakers and waste processors), so compostable packaging stands for the breakthrough.

The answer to new laws and regulations

The new film already answers the changing legislation and regulations in France. The French government has decided that the term ‘compostable’ can only be used when composting at home. Renewable raw materials are the basis of the new packaging, meaning the film has a 4-star biobased certificate.

Bio4Pack is proud of the certification achieved but thinks it is even more important that producers and packers can immediately benefit from the new film. The film is now available and is produced by sister company Euroflex. It is a packaging manufactured in Europe from raw material to end product. The film can be printed in 8 colors and processed using a cold seal. 

In short, nothing stands in the way of Bio4Pack and European packers taking the next step towards sustainable packaging. Launching customer Kencko will use the new 3-layer film for packaging freeze-dried fruit and vegetables, making it easy to make healthy and tasty smoothies.

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