Why are cake bar packaging companies adding MAP gases to their product?

Generally, Cake Bar packaging companies roll-out the MAP packaging process in their packing lines, with their new effective formulation of preservative or reduces shelf life. 

Cake packaging plastic

The cake bar packaging is mainly in plastic film with a different type of structure. Some cake bar companies also increased the effectiveness of packaging, with an increase in film thickness. Then, why companies again using the MAP packaging?
Earlier MAP packaging is only meant to improve the packaging shelf life with a reduction of mold growth.
It is a technique that increasingly used to extend the shelf life of fresh foods such as meat, fish, and cut fruit and various bakery products, snack foods, and other dried foods. The air in a package is replaced with a gas composition that will retard microbial growth and the food’s deterioration.
For example, a cake bar for retail sales is packed in an atmosphere of 50% carbon dioxide and 50% nitrogen.
In most cases, the microbial growth is inhibited (Co2 diffuses into the product’s surface moisture to form a weak acid, carbonic acid, and the lack of oxygen restricts aerobic spoilage bacteria growth molds). Still, in dried foods, the onset of rancidity and other chemical changes can be delayed.

Why update on MAP packaging for the cake bar packaging?

Recently seen in the malls or shops, the customer is mainly adults (of course adult but directed by children for this specific product). The children usually take this product from the shelf, hold the product in their hands, and use it the rough way. After that, when a product is open by the customer to eat, it is in crushed form. So, nobody likes the way to eat the product in this way. 

And another reason, the bulk product of the big retail shop lying in their godown and many other boxes shall be on the cake bar box. And it is self-assumed the position of lower cake bar box. Someone can say, we can improve the strength of cake packaging boxes to hold the other boxes. But how long the packaging’s effectiveness at the customer end because we don’t have the number of boxes for the stacking and the weight of other packages. This method of selection of cake packaging boxes is based on the trial and error method.

A solution of Cake bar Packaging

We can add the MAP gases in cake bar film to protect the product from being crushed by children or unknowingly in the godown. MAP packaging makes the flexible pouch in swollen type design. If gas is filled correctly, the children cannot destroy the cake bar, and the customer will be happy to see the product without damaging it. 

The shape of the cake bar packaging

It will attain a proper rectangular shape and easy fitment in tertiary packaging without gas-filled. But, when we fill the packaging’s MAP gases, it looks like a half-cylindrical shape—many pons and cons of this MAP packaging for cake bar products such as tertiary packaging fitment.
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