Mondi’s paper solution for rollpacking mattresses

Mondi, an international leader in sustainable packaging and paper, has created Protector Bag ExpandForm, a bag solution with an expandable characteristic to safely paper rollpack mattresses.

Protector Bag ExpandForm

Protector Bag ExpandForm substitutes the current plastic packaging with a flexible, recyclable option. The customizable requirement can expand to additional sizes while holding the mattress securely. The packaging is created with Mondi’s kraft paper, which is responsibly sourced, renewable, can be recycled, and has a circular economy. 

Puncture Resistant and suitable printing

The innovative paper bag is puncture resistant and appropriate for printing, representing brands can customize their paper with a high-quality finish. Unlike plastic, the paper layers are also breathable and emit a gas that can evaporate fast with this new packaging.

Megaflex Schaumstoff

Megaflex Schaumstoff, a family-owned manufacturer of flexible foams, mattresses, and sleeping products, is the first company to cover its products with this new packaging. Megaflex teamed closely with Mondi and machine producer FillMatic to provide a smooth switch from its current plastic rollpacking equipment.

Paper rollpack mattresses

The association indicated the new solution was fast running, with only a few adaptions to the packaging machinery. Megaflex intends to replace the complete range of plastic rollpacking with paper by the end of 2023, utilizing Mondi’s Protector Bag ExpandForm.

Plastic rollpack wrapping can expand to 200% in transit, taking up space and potentially bending outer cardboard packaging. An advantage of Protector Bag ExpandForm is that it is dimensionally stable – saving money on shipping and storage costs.

Fabio Barbieri, Sales Director Paper Bags, Mondi

Karsten Löhr, Managing Director, Megaflex Schaumstoff, says: “The Protector Bag ExpandForm is a perfect fit for our mattresses, and the plastic saving we estimate is significant – over 18 tonnes every year! The paper packaging is appreciated by our customers and a big step forward in our sustainability journey, and thanks to our good partnership with Mondi, we can use more sustainable packaging that positively contributes to our sustainability commitments.”

paper rollpack mattresses
Source: Mondi

Customers are actively pursuing packaging that is responsibly sourced and comfortable to recycle. This new solution ticks both boxes: it is more comfortable to open and dispose of than large rolls of plastic and avoidable packaging utilized once. Protector Bag ExpandForm requires no secondary packaging to shield the product and will be stable throughout the delivery trip. 

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