Tetra Pak launches the first Made in India holographic packaging with Warana Dairy

Tetra Pak, a world-leading packaging and processing solutions provider, has presented its first-ever locally manufactured holographic packaging material in India. The innovative packaging, called Tetra Pak® Reflect, has been launched in partnership with Warana, a leading cooperative dairy, for their 1 liter Ghee (clarified butter) packs. 

The artistic package is designed to help food and beverage brands add a new eye-catching dimension to their packs. For the first time, the holographic packaging material will be produced at Tetra Pak’s manufacturing site in Chakan, Maharashtra. The Warana Ghee in Tetra Pak cartons will first be available in Maharashtra, with a significant focus on Mumbai, Marathwada, and Vidarbha. The 1-liter pack is priced at INR 570 and is available across traditional and modern retail outlets.

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Source: Tetra Pak

Ghee is a traditional food in India, linked with purity and richness, and in recent years, this product has gained immense prominence. Adulteration of food items, especially edible oil & Ghee, is a big challenge in India, and increasing demand for Ghee leads to malpractices like counterfeiting, leading to quality concerns.

“Warana Ghee is made from the best quality milk, with delicious aroma and flavor. The Tetra Pak carton package protects the goodness of the ghee and is also tamper-evident, which helps minimize chances of adulteration and counterfeit. The Holographic effect makes it stand out on the shelf, making Tetra Pak® Reflect the perfect fit for our Ghee range. These packs are paper-based and environmentally sound, which is an important priority for us.” says Mr. Mohan Yedurkar, Managing Director, Warana Dairy.

Commenting on the launch of Praneeth Tripurari, Marketing Director, Tetra Pak South Asia, “Ghee is an intrinsic part of the Indian kitchen, and we are pleased to partner with Warana Dairy in bringing safe, authentic, high-quality ghee to the discerning Indian consumers, using our state of the art packaging and processing technology. We are especially proud that the Tetra Pak Reflect packaging material is now being made in India, at Chakan, making it a truly local for the local offering.”

Warana is among the leading dairy cooperatives in Maharashtra and exports its products to Gulf countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sarah, African countries, Bangladesh and China. In India, the company offers milk, lassi, and buttermilk in Tetra Pak cartons. 

It is the first time introducing Ghee in Tetra Pak cartons.

Tetra Pak cartons are acknowledged worldwide for the promise of food safety and sustainability. The aseptic cartons are designed to protect the food inside from spoilage by creating barriers against external elements like air, moisture, and sunlight. 

At the same time, the cartons are paper-based, with 75% of a carton being paper-board and the rest being polymer and aluminum to protect the food from spoilage. These cartons are recyclable, with over 40% of cartons being recycled in India.

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