Wash-off label features added to the sustainability trend

Wash-off label

UPM Raflatac company innovated the wash-off label to the sustainability and recyclability trend. Every package needs a label, and the post goes to recycling. Before that, we need to separate the label from the packaging.

Label Wash-off technology

The packaging comes and goes; label choice matters. To address the recycling issue: a closed-loop solution is here with new and enhanced UPM Raflatac RW85C wash-off label materials for PET containers. 
It is part of the UPM Raflatac SmartCircle™ sustainable product range, products with RW85C adhesive best give class wash-off technology.

Label Help in Recycling

This label is appropriate for the PET plastic packaging, which is lightweight and economical to manufacture. But also comfortable in recycling. It has the highest recycling rate among all the plastic, even though it is 50%.
And the immense majority that is recycled is downcycled because it is not suitable for turning back into bottles or food containers. It can be due to the high adhesive of labels not departing well during the recycling process. As more and more worldwide brands added recycled content in their packaging materials, label choice has never been more critical.

New Wash-off Label

So, UPM Raflatac’s innovates new wash-off label materials separate even more beneficial than before. All thanks to the improved RW85C adhesive formulation. 
The yield-related to the clarity and haze levels leads to a higher value of PET flakes suitable for the newly PET container. Contamination effected by labels, inks, and adhesives is no longer a matter for brands who want their product neat recycled.

SmartCircle Solution

The SmartCircle solutions RW85C are approved by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) to match or exceed its Critical Guidance testing requirements. It is available as natural, white, or silver metalized film face materials; these labeling solutions have an added sustainability advantage by being paired with UPM Raflatac’s PCR liner – featuring up to 90 percent post-consumer recycled content.

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