A bottle with 25 percent recycled plastic

25 percent recycled plastic, fully recyclable bottle, post-consumer waste, carbon free color, black bottles
Source: Henkel Perwoll

Collectively with packaging manufacturer ALPLA, Henkel has produced and taken a further step in its projects in the field of sustainable packaging.

Now onwards, the company will not only use a fully recyclable bottle but also include 25 percent recycled PE (polyethylene) from post-consumer sources as standard.
A bottle with 25 percent recycled plastic
With the initiation of bottles composed of 25 percent recycled plastic for the Perwoll brand. And turned the largest Laundry & Home Care category using PE bottles to use recycled plastic,” says Vineet Varman, Head – International Packaging Development for Special Detergents at Henkel.
Henkel’s packaging and supply chain team were ready to combine a vital share of recycled PE in the extent of Perwoll bottles. While at the same time maintaining their unique color and securing high aesthetic standards, without generating any compromises on the performance or aroma of the premium product.
“This is a great success – and a starting point to move further. It is now working on increasing the usage of this recycled material also in other classifications,” says Vineet Varman. 
Black Perwoll bottle – fully recyclable, with recycled plastic
For the black bottle of Perwoll’s “Renew & Repair” variant, Henkel declares an extra milestone. In line with its pledge to advance recyclable black packaging, the company has already started changing its black bottles (Perwoll)  to a new packaging material that uses an alternative carbon free color. It through which bottles become recyclable and thus can be integrated back into the value chain. Now, these black bottles are not only recyclable but also contain 25 percent recycled PE.
High-quality recycled PE plastic from post-consumer waste is still restricted, we are proud that we, together with our partners, fortunately, developed a recycling stream for it.
“The use of recycling material makes this bottle a particularly sustainable, CO2-saving packaging solution – also because we have been manufacturing the bottles in-house, which reduces transportation and repackaging to zero. We appreciate working with customers like Henkel, who challenge us and contribute to the functioning of a circular economy,” says Nicolas Lehner, CCO ALPLA Group.




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