Are we absurd with the use of overpacking?

Many companies, knowingly or unknowingly using more packaging material for their product. So, numerous factors are involved in getting the use of overpacking material.

Like the packaging, the department doesn’t want its product with a less aesthetic appeal, or we can say it doesn’t wish to spill the product.
What does it mean by overpacking? 
The use of packaging material in terms of primary, secondary, and tertiary more comparative needed material.
Why do companies need to go with the overpacking solution?
Many new companies have to show their product aesthetically pleasant on the shelves in the retail store. They support the overpacking solution to get customer attention. Means, if a product packed in a bottle, then the bottle goes in MonoCarton and bundles MonoCarton packed in corrugated boxes.
I am just trying to say we have to relook every packaging material based on each parameter of testing – such as dimension, performance, and functional parameters, even aesthetically. So, that we can eliminate or reduce the packaging material for the product on the above criteria. In case, if we are using MonoCarton without any of use, we can remove this secondary pack, i.e., MonoCarton. And also need to check the corrugated box material, dimension – where we can save much stuff with an excess cost.
Usually, We (Packaging technologist) select the packaging material based on competitors doing as such, and we never check the requirement as per product behavior.
The packaging is not only limited to tertiary packaging. But it also has the BOPP tapes, label, lashing, shrinks wrap, strapping. We don’t have such criteria for the calculation of the usage of ancillary packaging items. So, we have to restrict the over usage of ancillary items with the trial and error method. Jointly need to take a call with the logistic department associates. And verify with testing of packaging material with the combined pallet vibration test method so that a practical approach can be helpful to get rid of this problem.

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