Introduction of Inhaler with a new pressurized Metered-Dose

Introduction of Inhaler with a new pressurized Metered-Dose - PackagingGURUji

RPC Bramlage Division has launched a new optimized breath-actuated pressurized Metered-Dose Inhaler (pMDI).

The PneumoHaler includes an excellent mechanical system to initiate the device. Mainly, the mouthpiece is not usage, the innerspring of the actuator is not under compression, assisting in ensuring the long-term reliability of operation. The system can be easily adapted for various valves and various types of canisters.
The inhaler’s rounded device with wide mouthpiece gives easy handling and maximum comfort for the customers. A dose indicator allows the patients to let them track of their medication.
The base actuator unit of the PneumoHaler is supplied pre-assembled with the dose counter/indicator in place. Manufacturers, therefore, need only to place the filled canister within and join the top cover for a fast and efficient filling and assembly process.


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