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Source: Polyone
PolyOne declared the introduction of ColorMatrix™ Amosorb 4020G. It is a non-nylon based, low-haze oxygen scavenger for a rigid bottle (only for Polyethylene terephthalate plastic).
The new 4020G grade allows up to 50% lower haze, and reduced impact on the PET recycle stream compared to earlier grades while sustaining the same excellent active oxygen scavenging performance.
PET is a conventional choice for food and beverage packaging, providing high clarity with design flexibility. And also can be readily recycled multiple times, unlike alternative packaging materials. 
ColorMatrix™ Amosorb 4020G
Additives are usually included in PET packaging to protect content and increase shelf life. But it can reduce packaging clarity. This, in turn, influences consumer opinions of product appearance and brand value.
Best Oxygen Scavenger for PET bottle
So, the ColorMatrix Amosorb 4020G supports to reduce haze and minimizes the impact on recycled PET (rPET), as it reduces yellowing by 50 percent while the mechanical recycling process.
Governments are legislating boosted levels of recycled material in single-use packaging to encourage the move toward a circular economy. For example, an EU directive for the application of rPET in beverage bottles will rise from 25% in 2025 to 30% in 2030. As a result, brand owners require to secure the oxygen scavengers used in their PET bottles. It is required to maintain the efficacy as growing levels of rPET is introduced. 
PolyOne testing explains that ColorMatrix Amosorb 4020G is one of the most robust oxygen scavengers. It is best suitable for PET rigid containers with negligible impacts on efficacy for the rPET grades examined. At the same time, other competing materials lost almost all oxygen scavenging ability with rPET content as low as 20 percent.
ColorMatrix Amosorb 4020G is available with applicable regulatory approvals.
Source:Color Matrix – Polyone
Caption: ColorMatrix™ Amosorb™ 4020E (left bottle, both images) and ColorMatrix™ Amosorb™ 4020G (right bottle, both images). These shots demonstrate the lower haze offered by 4020G for a premium, clear appearance.



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