First recyclable pouch developed for Fruchtbar by GualaPack

Jufico, a leading German baby-food producer, will be the first to launch its organic brand FruchtBar in fully recyclable Monomaterial pouches without Aluminium (Pouch5®) into the German market.

Pouch5® was developed by Gualapack, the world leader of premade spouted pouches, and is the first pre-made spouted pouch available in high barrier recyclable mono-material. The five new references will hit the shelves from May 25.
German consumers are well-informed and sensitive to recyclability, and in Germany, separate collection and recycling infrastructure of flexible packaging is among the best in the world. Jufico, under the brand FRUCHTBAR, has indeed captured the momentum and the needs of the market in terms of the circular economy, spearheading the recyclable revolution with Pouch5®.
High barrier recyclable mono-material
Gualapack Pouch5® is accessible in 2 versions: for hot-filled and pasteurized shelf-stable products, and cold filling /dairy applications. Pouch 5® guarantees product protection that is equivalent to conventional pouches thanks to its high oxygen and water vapor barriers. Interseroh Dienstleistungs-GmbH certifies Pouch5® for its recyclability. Interseroh is an environmental service provider and is best known for its dual system with the yellow bag/yellow bin. Interseroh’s highly scientific criteria for testing a wide variety of packaging have been developed together with bifa environmental and Fraunhofer IVV institutes. With a score of 20 out of 20, Pouch5® achieves the best possible rating and is proven “very good” for recyclability.
In recent years, Gualapack has developed a vast portfolio of sustainable solutions to reduce the footprint of packaging actively. Thanks to the vertical integration of technologies such as extrusion, lamination, printing, pouch making, injection molding, and filling equipment, Gualapack can offer proven and market-ready packaging solutions that provide adequate answers to the industry, the environment, consumers and legislators.Pouch5® was recently adopted by Nestle (Gerber) in the USA and Nestle (Piltti) in Finland.


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