RecyCan® Recycled Steel-based Tinplate Packaging introduce by Hoffmann

Ideal for premium organic and specialty products, the latest member of Hoffmann’s EcoDesign portfolio comprises 100% recycled steel, aligning with circular economy sustainability.

Recycled Steel based Tinplate Packaging
Hoffmann, a worldwide supplier of high-quality packaging for a broad array of industries and applications, will add a new line of tinplate cans. It contained 100% recycled steel at the Interpack, May 7 to 13, 2020, in Düsseldorf, Germany. 
It is made achievable by getting separated consumer packaging steel from standard household recycling. And the company’s groundbreaking RecyCan portfolio permanently ends the loop on sustainability through packaging that is not only wholly recycled but also enduringly recyclable.
All tinplate cans include some recycled steel. At the beginning of the RecyCan process, typical household steel like used cans, closures, and crown corks received for recycling. After steel parts are segregated from aluminum and plastic packaging via magnet, then go to the shredded section and detinned before being squeezed into cubes. Finally, it melted down to raw Steel and formed into slabs. The pieces or slabs are hot-rolled, cold-rolled, and tinplated to create packaging steel. Now, it will be printed and assembled into fresh new tinplate packaging cans.
Excellent packaging quality for a variety of premium organic and specialty products. It includes natural infant nutrition, coffee, tea, dry or pasty cosmetics, and tooth powder. 
Sustainability through packaging
RecyCan tins are prepared in a variety of three-piece, two-piece, or deep-draw cans that give extensive protection against light, OTR, and MVTR. In an extension of being fully recycled and recyclable, the completely circular packaging solutions. It offers a host of other eco-friendly advantages, including the additions of raw materials.
“In Europe, North America and other major markets, metal tins are synonymous with sustainability as they are recycled in well-established recycling streams,” said Mark Aegler, CEO of Hoffmann Neopac AG “The RecyCan line of products takes eco-consciousness to the next level by achieving full circularity – completely recycled products that can continue to be recycled in perpetuity. And of course, these environmental benefits are achieved without sacrificing product protection or branding aesthetics.”

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