Amcor introduced recyclable packaging – AmLite Ultra Recyclable

Amcor introduced recyclable packaging - AmLite Ultra Recyclable -PackagingGURUji

Amcor initiates the special, recyclable, high-barrier flexible plastic packaging that can overcome the carbon footprint up to 64%.

Amcor made revolutionary changes with the introduction of Amlite high barrier polyolefin film. This flexible film is for FMCG, food, home, personal and pharmaceutical products market and can be recycled.
That will sum up the recyclability to the environmental benefits and Amcor’s commitment to developing all its packaging to be recyclable or reusable by 2025.

“AmLite Ultra Recyclable will serve to solve the sustainability requirement for customer FMCG brands, pharmaceutical companies, and retailers, and help keep the plastics sustainable to the environment.”

AmLite pouches are used for many types of formats, such as pillow pouches, stand-up and spouted pouches; bags; lidding for trays and containers; stick packs and more.

AmLite Ultra Recyclable will let the use of Amcor’s consumers to propose to recyclable flexible packaging over a variety of consumer-product segments, including coffee, snacks, dry pet food, baby nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and home and personal care.




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