Replacing Plastic neck ring with Cardboard in beer CAN: Heineken

Heineken has spent £22 million at its UK sites to substitute the plastic rings on the neck of CAN that keeps together of Foster’s, Heineken and Kronenbourg 1664, from April 2020.

Alternatively of plastic rings, the beer marketed in the UK will be held collectively with cardboard topper strong enough to sustain their weight. These cardboard toppers will then be introduced to Heineken’s broader portfolio, including Strongbow, Bulmer’s, and John Smith’s by the end of 2021.

The brewery, which is also discarding plastic shrink film from its bulk packaging, expects to eliminate 517 million tonnes of a plastic topper from the production line by the end of 2021.
Marketing director Cindy Tervoort said that discarding plastic “while still matching the demands of our beer drinkers” has been a significant focus in recent years.
“Now, after years in developing and tremendous investment, we’re greatly pleased to declare our recyclable and compostable cardboard topper innovation, a significant milestone in our mission to discard all single-use plastic.”
Other brewers are also exciting to removing out single-use plastics from their production lines and make the packaging easily recyclable.
Around 100 million marine creatures are hit each year by plastic waste, as per the study by the University of Plymouth, while thousands of animals die as a consequence of being trapped in plastic rings. 

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