No Ink, Ribbon, or Tonner for colour printer – ZINK Zero Ink

The ultimate ZINK Zero Ink® printing technology declared that Brother International Corporation VC-500W compact color printers, which utilize ZINK’s patented inkless printing technology and paper, will be general for purchase in the US at all leading online websites, including Amazon, Best Buy, Office Depot and Staples.

Anywhere through smartphone

The Brother VC-500W is an effortless and fun-to-use compact label and photo printer that allows you to print instantly from mobile phones in vivid colors. Consumers use devices like the Brother VC-500W for quality and comfort. 

Zero Ink

With the unique ZINK Zero Ink technology, the Brother VC-500W doesn’t need ink and lets the device keep its compact size; printed labels don’t require drying before handling.

No Ink, Ribbon, or Tonner

For companies, the printer has the skill to adjust and capitalize on the growth of the flexible packaging industry. With the Brother VC-500W with ZINK Zero Ink Technology, consumers can fast and efficiently print outstanding full-color labels that can have specific branding, photos, stickers, and more, up to 17” long in a single pass without the requirement for ink cartridges, ribbons, or toners. ZINK Paper is available in 5 widths and can be printed up to 17-inch lengths.

ZINK Paper

All shades and colors needed for high-quality photo printing are embedded in the ZINK paper. The paper quality is water, tear and smudge resistant and has an adhesive backing that sticks to most substrates – perfect for making stickers. The needless bulky ink cartridges and ribbons aligned with ZINK Paper are designed for on-the-go smartphone photographers who want a sleek and compact device to take pictures and print out images or text. All the colors required for printing are embedded in the paper itself.

Many businesses now understand the importance of instant label printing for an evolving market. This includes not only the selfie generation but also other groups who are looking for more convenient and efficient ways to do their checklist.

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