Introduced recyclable paper tub for Carte D’Or ice cream

In the UK, the tubs and lids transform across the complete Carte D’Or ice cream range from plastic to responsibly sourced, recyclable paper.


The action will notice the brand uses 93% less plastic per pack (corresponded to the prior Carte D’Or packaging) and is formed to save over 900 tons of virgin plastic in the UK yearly. That’s a weight equal to nearly five Boeing 747s. 

The packaging reaches from sustainably governed forests and controlled sources and is PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified. Both packaging – tub and lid can go into the regular paper waste recycling stream.

According to Kantar, plastic waste is the No.1 environmental concern for British shoppers so the switch will lead to a growing number of customers striving for more sustainable products.

“For over 40 years, Carte D’Or has been committed to crafting delicious desserts made with some of the finest quality ingredients, which we sustainably strive to source,” says Horacio Cal, Ice Cream Marketing Director for Unilever in the UK and Ireland. “Now, we’re proud to have made this move to paper tubs, helping shoppers to reduce their plastic packaging footprint at home.”

We launched the new packs at the end of January this year, and we’re currently rolling them out across the country.

Why only 93%?

You might be questioning why they haven’t changed to paper altogether. We still require to use some plastic in our packs to confirm our ice cream remains fresh, the taste and quality aren’t concerned, and the packs stay durable and sturdy when customers take them home. The plastic use on the inside layer of the tub and lid does not influence its ability to be recycled.

There is also a need to use a plastic seal to keep the ice cream fresh and secure in the pack. This seal is non-recyclable but needs a team of specialists functioning on the transition to a totally recyclable solution.

They will use understandings and insights from this outcome and the roll-out of these other packs to inform our company-wide efforts to decrease plastic packaging worldwide.

Commitment to sustainability proceeds beyond our packaging.

Since 2016, Wall’s – the umbrella brand for Carte D’Or – has been performing with Save the Children and vanilla supplier Symrise to enhance the lives of vanilla farming communities in the SAVA region of Madagascar, providing the residents can build a more promising future for themselves.

The Vanilla for Change program has created a difference in the lives of more additional than 60,000 people. The project helps 10,000 households, getting every village within our vast vanilla supply chain in the nation. It has also supported nearly 2,000 young people, enhancing their life skills and career opportunities.

The new Carte D’Or packs contain a QR code that invites shoppers to engage with the brand interactively and discovers more about the key ingredients which deliver the authentic Carte D’Or flavor, including the brand’s longstanding commitment to source Rainforest Alliance Certified vanilla and cocoa.

Carte D’Or’s transformation to paper tubs is the latest step towards our Unilever-wide international plastic targets, including splitting the amount of virgin plastic in our packaging and reducing more than 100,000 tonnes in plastic usage by 2025.

Reducing plastic across our ice cream portfolio

We’re working on innovations, roll-outs, and pilots across our ice cream portfolio to continually reduce the amount of plastic we use.

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