3D Metal Printing with Fused Deposition Modeling Printers

3D Metal Printing with Fused Deposition Modeling printers - PackagingGURUji

The Virtual Foundry company needs to produce metal printing more economical. As? Metal composite filaments are supposed to be efficiently printed with an FDM printer.

The Virtual Foundry’s patented metal composite filaments (TVF) provide pure 3D metal prints working standard FDM printers. This innovative solution to a complicated problem is intended to facilitate cost-effective, high-quality 3D metal printing. TVF buyers are actively advancing solutions in applications such as electric vehicles, oil refining, injection molding, and nuclear.
TVF is currently serving with laboratories such as ZF North America, NASA and the Department of Defense to fully utilize its patented technology.
This research department is presently a kind of metallurgical Fantasy team with entrance to knowledge and lab facilities that a startup like us can not even dream of bringing within. ” Bradley Woods, founder of TVF, sells materials and equipment needed to sinter 3D prints into pure metal.
Bronze, SS and copper, titanium, aluminum, and other elements are on their way. “What does the product unique is the capability to print metal in 3D without heat and without an expensive printer,” says Woods. “

The Virtual Foundry


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