Recyclable laminate pouch for shampoo by Huhtamaki

Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging has launched a new recyclable, PE-based barrier packaging for shampoo sachets.

The R&D department of India has newly planted fully recyclable flexible packaging solutions for numerous product divisions under the blueloop platform. A polyolefin-based barrier laminate for shampoo pouch is already in the market. And also for coffee, soap, jams, ketchup, soaps, and dry soups have passed long-run trials and are ready for broader market approval.

Recyclable sachet solution must offer as well as regular laminates on the existing packaging machinery”, he continues. “To approach the ideal solution, we collaborated broadly with different teams in the packaging value chain within the business as well as with our clients. Time and technical resources invested in ensuring that our customers’ line efficiency is not compromised when changing to recyclable material.
User convenience is also an essential element in a functional packaging solution. To enhance consumer expertise, the Huhtamaki team included an easy-tear feature in the recyclable shampoo laminate pouch.
Huhtamaki India equipped to broaden and has already verified a variety of sustainable packaging solutions for a recyclable laminate pouch for shampoo. And also for different purposes under the Huhtamaki blueloop platform.
Huhtamaki blueloop is a common platform for producing Recyclable laminate pouch, circular, and sustainable. It combines people from all sections of the packaging sector under a citizen mindset. And we all share the enthusiasm for making packaging sustainable world. Huhtamaki blueloop approaches the issues generated by a linear consumption model. We are serving our clients to reach their sustainability goals by advancing flexible packaging circular.

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