X-EnviroPouch single layer – 100% recyclable with O2 and moisture barrier

X-EnviroPouch single layer - 100% recylable with O2 and moisture barrier
Stand-up pouches are one of the fastest-growing flexible packaging formats; however, a conventional laminate structure of many of the current production of packs determines they are unfit for recycling.
The new X-EnviroPouch by RPC utilizes the latest PE film, oxygen, and moisture barrier technology to produce a stand-up pouch while including 100% recyclable, through matching the growing customer requirement for more sustainable plastic packaging.
It is available in white or natural film, X-EnviroPouch’s stand-up characteristics also make more exceptional display versatility for retailers. This is additionally improved by a more comprehensive choice of pouch dimensions and a gloss or matt print finish to provide aesthetically designs that maximize brand concept and on-shelf impact.
For customer satisfaction, the bag can also be reclosable with a prestoclose seal or supplied as the film on the reel for packers or fillers to form themselves.
  1. X-Enviro2Pouch
    OTR (for 100μmfilm) <2.0 cm³/m²/day @23°C, 50% RH; WVTR (for 100μm film) <1.0 g/m²/day @23°C, 90% RH
  2. X-EnviroPouch® – H2O
    OTR (for 100μm film) <1400 cm³/m²/day @23°C, 50% RH; WVTR (for 100μm film) <0.7 g/m²/day @23°C, 90% RH
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  1. […] Recyclable sachet solution must offer as well as regular laminates on the existing packaging machinery”, he continues. “To approach the ideal solution, we collaborated broadly with different teams in the packaging value chain within the business as well as with our clients. Time and technical resources invested in ensuring that our customers’ line efficiency is not compromised when changing to recyclable material. […]


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