Award-winning sustainable packaging by Sony Aibo

Award-winning sustainable packaging by Sony Aibo, Eco-Package, Environmentally Sustainable, Environmentally Sustainable, Aibo, Original revolutionary packaging
Source: Aibo - Sony
Original revolutionary packaging is born. Aibo comes snugly covered, and shielded from damage, in an exhibited package composed of 50% rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) bottles.

Motohiro Sato and Kenichi Hirose design the package on the concept of sustainability of 3R- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, i.e., Sony eco-design principles.
In business with its “Road to Zero” global environmental program, Sony proceeds to work approaching to reduce consumption and boosting the reuse and recycling of plastics across its products and business activities.
Award-winning sustainable packaging | Protecting precious things
The innovative package is a recycled packaging that secures and protects the Aibo product until Aibo is born into a new family. It’s uniquely formed from a felt that utilizes recycled material from plastic bottles and can be molded to fit Aibo or other products.
Acknowledged in the Asian Packaging Federation AsiaStar awards   
The APF has awarded the AsiaStar 2018 award in the Eco-Package (Environmentally Sustainable Package) section to the Aibo package developed by Sony.
Promoting recycling further through innovation
Raising the proportion of recovered material in textiles can reduce its “binding tightness,” managing to problems with strength and shape retention, therefore typically recycled material requires to be blend with a bulk of new content.
Blended single structure
Aibo’s package is designed from formed PET for both performance parameters like cushioning and impact resistance. The packaging is a unique concept in its use of 50% recycled material and innovative 3-layers combination with an empty interior, giving both a shock-absorbing storage cushion and sturdy outer cover.
Preserving resources with a better impression
Products exported in cardboard cartons typically need to be protected inside from water and dust with more bags and cover sheets. The dense fibers in Aibo’s felt package are considerably more resistant to dirt from outside, so no extra protection is needed.
No ink required for printing
Considering Aibo’s signature is embossed rather than imprinted on the package, the various chemicals, and oil products associated with ink are not necessary.
Our continued pursuance of a “good material feel” and the goal to communicate the “sense of Aibo sleeping” made the shape of the felt complex, and further challenging to design and manufacture, but we were able to definitively succeed these concerns and accomplish the target.


Award-winning sustainable packaging by Sony Aibo PackagingGURUji


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