Steam-Fast Technology – Rigid Flexible Packaging Solution for cooking



The having much to do way of living today’s user demands products which makes living simpler and more comfortable.

SteamFasts is a simple and effective way of controlling technology, letting users cook great tasting, healthy food, in a radio wave oven, without sharp or cutting a bag, adding water or stirring the product.
SteamFast technology is an award-winning which allows steam and pressure to build up within the bag, cook the product swiftly, constantly and efficiently.
-Great taste, healthy eating experience as textures and vitamins are preserved.
-Faster preparation time and convenience as no cutting or piercing are required before cooking and no water or stirring required during the cook.
-No risk of bacterial transference and no washing up required as the bag is disposed of after use.
-Available in various substrates and can be printed using either gravure or flexographic up to 10 colors.


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