Smooth finish and rigidity introduced in a Recyclable Pouch

Barrier Pack Recyclable Pouch – a combi approach for a sustainable solution for packaging

Global packaging and paper group Mondi has jointly with RB Group to introduce a completely recyclable, mono-material (single layer) flexible plastic. It added in the packaging portfolio for the premium line of its Finish® dishwasher tablets Quantum Ultimate.
Previously the pouch made with multi-layered laminates (PET/PE), which was not recyclable. 
PET – outer layer used for reverse printing layer
LDPE – inner sealable layer
The delamination is not feasible in a single way process, extremely difficult with a machine.
The company RB aims that 100% of its plastic packaging must be reusable or recyclable by 2025. It has a “4 R” approach to using plastics –– reduce, reuse, replace, and recycle. 

Surface Finish and Printing color for Recyclable pouch

Mondi has innovated the recyclable plastic given the sturdiness to make a stand-up pouch and also provided a smooth premium finish just like their product name Finish®. The next level achieved with the equivalent printing color and quality feel.

Barrier property of Recyclable pouch

The Mondi company also addressed the solution for the barrier properties. The company claims, there is no compromise in the barrier properties of the package. And it also required to incorporate a recyclable zipper for ease of use in opening and closing the pouch.

Technical details about Barrier Pack Recyclable Pouch – Finish® dishwasher tabs:

  • Feasible with Form/Fill/Seal (HFFS and VFFS) packaging lines
  • Recyclable, where the suitable infrastructure is available
  • Excellent MVTR and OTR barrier 
  • Mineral oil and vapor barriers 
Krzysztof Krajewski, RB’s Director Packaging Sustainability – Hygiene, said, “We appreciate the work and effort Mondi put into this project. It was quite a journey with dozens of trials. Mondi had a great, hands-on approach and was very agile. We’re pleased that Mondi is an RB innovation partner and part of our company’s ‘PtI-Partners-to-innovate’ signature program established by our R&D. From the ideation to launch, we’re with our partners every step of the way.”
RB says it plans to roll out it’s new Finish® packaging in Italy as of May, followed by Germany and the UK, with a global launch after that.

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