Sweet Tablet Dispenser

Sweet Tablet Dispenser, Shelf appeal tablet dispenser, Shelf appeal tablet dispenser
Source: Berry Bramlage
Meeting the rise in demand from companies and end-consumers for more demanding sustainable packaging, Berry Bramlage has reformulated its traditional round Sweetener Dispenser 2.0 into polypropylene (PP) material solution.

Sweet Tablet Dispenser – Polypropylene 

The original polystyrene (PS) construction of the lid and container has been replaced with a dispenser made entirely out of PP, which significantly increases the pack’s ability to be recycled.
Equally important, the new dispenser offers the same durability and ease of use to ensure adequate product protection and consumer convenience.

Shelf appeal tablet dispenser

The tablet dispenser also retains the distinctive, attractive design of the original to create maximum on-shelf appeal. The high gloss finish can be fully customized for effective brand differentiation, including individual color matching, printing, and sleeving. The side-actuator ensures ease of use for the consumer.

Available sizes

The Bramlage Sweetener Dispenser 2.0 is available in two sizes, with a capacity for 650 or 1200 tablets up to 5mm in diameter and 2mm in depth.


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