Innovative Mini-tablet Dispenser by Phillips-Medisize 

A Molex company – Phillips-Medisize, published an agreement with a Global Pharma Company, where Phillips-Medisize took exclusive possession of patents carrying an innovative mini-tablet dispenser.

It is to accommodate the varied and customized oral dispensing needs of patients. The mini-tablet dispenser distinguishes itself from most available systems. And mostly depend on volumetric measuring fundamental. 
It connected with the dispenser mounted on top of the tablet bottle. And the patient or attendant can able to calculate the tablet and dispense in a decided amount as required. It can dispense from 1 to 20 tabs and should be the size of approximately 2x2mm to 2.3×2.3 mm dimensions. Before dispensing, the patient can see the tablet and verify the count number. The main benefits of this dispenser that are dispensing the pill without crushing and damaging.

“Through its unique working principle, the mini-tablet dispenser will be valuable in pediatrics, geriatrics, and oncology where patients often require highly flexible oral dosing based on age, weight and other variables,” said Matt Jennings, CEO, and President, Phillips-Medisize. 


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