The best way for pouring the Adblue product in the car with Bericap closures

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Source: Bericap
BERICAP, one of the world’s leading producers and innovator of plastic closures. This time Bericap has developed a special filling aid features for AdBlue tanks in vehicles.
Actually, all the registered carriers – Euro 6 diesel engine have to use the AdBlue additive product to decrease nitrogen oxide emissions.
So, Bericap has taken this opportunity and simplify the method to pour the Adblue product or some additional chemical products. The handling of 10liter product and to pour this product can save time during the journey.

Features of pourer

BERICAP allows numerous shapes and dimensions of expandable pourer varieties, which give significant pouring support to the user e.g. when connecting to a specified range for spill-free pouring. And the container can be used from 5L to 25L. 

The main thing is foldable pourers, which meant for easy push-in application into Jerrycan. It fits with Jerrycan on the standard neck sizes DIN42 and DIN45 due to its innovative conical foot design. It squeezes it into the jerrycan neck and starts pouring leak-free. For precise pouring outcomes, the long expandable nozzle is bendable 180 degrees and will outlast in this position without an external push. This innovative characteristic enables the user to keep the container with both hands for safe pouring. The flow is secure and constant without leakage.

The pourers are accessible with and without shrink foil, which can shield against dirt when needed. Notable customers already use the BERICAP foldable pourers from the automotive, mineral oil, and chemical industry.

Two varieties are available:

  1. SK 45/26 NG – DIN 45 – a new lightweight closure added to the DIN45 product range. It transforms the market in an automotive category such as AdBlue product. The closure suits with 5L to 25L jerrycan and meets the standard.
  2. SK 42/21 SFB Safe seal – SK 42/21 SFB Safeseal developed for different car care products such as antifreeze, distilled water, and necessary chemicals, as well as AdBlue® product. It is significantly having the full range of potential applications.

Source: Bericap
Source: Bericap


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