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Today’s era of busy lifestyles, heavy loaded working days, and tend to spend less time to sit down and have dinner, and we often have meals at undefined moments. This clashes with our intention to enjoy a healthier, more balanced nutrition.

On-the-go carrot sticks
“Consumers nowadays are seeking healthy ready meals to consume at any moment, whether at work, while commuting or after a gym session. To meet this demand, Agricola Villena decided to launch their carrot sticks: a delicious, natural snack that is easy to eat, as it can be eaten raw or dipped into sauces or hummus as a crudite,” explains José Navarro Maestre, President of Agrícola Villena.
SuperClear IML packaging
For this new launch, the agricultural firm needed a packaging that would enhance the product’s freshness while allowing for the full preservation of the carrot’s organoleptic features. By working together with ITC Packaging and Verstraete IML, Agricola Villena has managed to obtain the new MyPack, a customized packaging that is also the first in applying the Ultra Clear technology.
Alexis Moreno, Account Manager ITC Packaging, says: “The cup features a clarifier that provides even greater transparency, enhanced by the IML decoration, which is also ultra-transparent. As a result, we obtained a highly attractive packaging on the shelf, that immediately shows the freshness of the snack. The carrot sticks that are becoming more and more popular are not only healthy but also delicious and fun to buy.”
Benedict Adins, Regional Sales Manager Southern Europe at Verstraete IML, explains: “ SuperClear IML offers brand owners the opportunity to create a crystal clear label, which allows the customer to see right through the packaging to the actual product. Another advantage to the SuperClear IML product is the high flexibility for brand owners and injection molders. Using SuperClear IML, the illusion of a “floating label” can be achieved by printing only on the top half of the label, something that would be challenging—or even impossible—with a standard white IML label.”
Functional features
With a 240ml capacity, the packaging is also thermo sealable, thus allowing for longer product shelf life. It also features a special lid that optimizes shelf stacking, thanks to its particular shape.
This IML packaging is the perfect combination of protection, prevention of food waste, and to top it all off; it’s fully recyclable.

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