Sustainable Ecolean® Air Aseptic packaging for juice-based product

Ecolean debuted with the Country Pure Foods in the US having the product range Essential Pour branded line of ambient, high-acid, ready-to-drink fruit juices and concentrates. So, the Ecolean has introduced the lightweight, flexible packages for that product.

Country Pure Foods, a producer of numerous juice-based products and a contract packaging solution for other beverage firms, is adding flexible aseptic packages from Ecolean to its product offering because of the package’s unique conveniences, shape, and low environmental impact. Country Pure Foods, based in Akron, Ohio, will use 1-liter (33.8 oz) Ecolean® Air Aseptic packages for its apple, orange, cranberry, and grape juices.
Ecolean packages are lightweight, almost half the weight compared to many traditional packaging formats, and contain up to 35% chalk. Using fewer raw materials from the start saves energy during production, transport, and waste handling.
The lightweight Ecolean packages are ideal for both retail and the foodservice industry. The packages can be heated in the microwave for beverages or products typically served warm, since no aluminum is used. Also, the packages are easy to use as they are opened with a simple tear, poured by holding the air-filled handle, and can be reclosed with a SnapQuick™ closure if needed.

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