The brand entered into the worldwide Carbon Neutral category list

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Carbon Neutral Brand

The worldwide water brand evian is now publishing global certification for turning into a carbon-neutral brand. 

WorldWide Carbon Neutral Certification

After publishing the aim in 2015 at the US Climate Change Conference in Paris, evian has before achieved carbon neutrality in the US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and its bottling site. But this year registers a key milestone for the evian brand as it receives carbon neutral certification across the world where the brand has a presence. 
This carbon neutral milestone not achieved overnight. The worldwide certification trails years of aggressive reductions made at every stage of the product life cycle from design to production to recycling.
The Carbon Trust has issued the certification to the internationally recognized carbon-neutral standard PAS 2060.
It has accomplished through carbon emissions cuts in three fundamental measures: 
• Conception: evian’s packaging proceeds with more sustainable options from the origin to the end of its life cycle. It incorporates: 
  • Light-weighting: evian has reduced its packaging components so that the end product is much lighter in weight. It has a vital impact on its carbon footprints. For example, the light-weighting of the evian’s leading 1.5L format has led to a 17% reduction in the bottle’s carbon footprint between 1993-2018.
  • Usage of recycled Polyethylene terephthalate (rPET): – It can save up to 50% of carbon emissions versus a virgin PET plastic. To decrease its carbon emissions, evian has ramped up its rPET rate over the last ten years. More than 30% of its range is now made from recycled Polyethylene terephthalate bottle while other SKU bottles made from 100% rPET. This year, the brand will introduce a new series of “bottles made from bottles” using 100% recycled plastic.
Production:- Companies are also working hard to overcome both waste and energy consumption. 
  • Renewable energy for production site: evian attained carbon neutrality at their bottling site in 2017, the first Danone production equipment and largest food production factory in France. It was initially the result of both a $280 million investment in upgrading the bottling plant and the point is 100% powered by renewable energy. Between 2015 and 2019, there has been a significant reduction in of90% in the bottling site carbon footprint.   
  • Distribution: There has been a substantial change in transportation models. Approximately 50% of evian’s volumes shipped directly by train from the plant. For example, the train carbon footprint is now seven times lower than trucks to deliver to the UK. 
In addition to the above efforts, the brand has also partnered with the Livelihoods Carbon Fund. Through this partnership, evian helps preserve and restore natural ecosystems and improve the lives of local communities, notably through the plantation of 13 million trees, which helps offset evian’s remaining carbon emissions to achieve carbon neutrality. While evian will maintain investment in carbon credit generation, its commitment to carbon neutrality is centrally underpinned with a priority to invest in continued carbon reductions. 
Shweta Harit, evian global brand VP, said: “Today’s announcement comes when we see, in real-time, what can occur when we decrease our impression on the planet. Emissions are below, and pollution levels have fallen. “Lessening our environmental footprint is at the core of everything we do at evian, and that is why Today’s news is so important for us. The current health crisis gives us all with a renewed impetus to do more and create long-lasting change, and it has been heartening to see the world come together. 


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