Mondi and Fressnapf introduce recyclable packaging for dry pet food range

Mondi, an international leader in sustainable packaging and paper, has cooperated with Fressnapf, Europe’s market leader for pet supplies, to change their packaging to a unique range of premium mono-material recyclable solutions using process color printing technology.


The dry pet food range will nowadays be packed in Mondi’s FlexiBag Recyclable, BarrierPack Recyclable, and Recyclable StandUp Pouches.

MonoMaterial for all Product

These mono-material packaging deliver strong barrier properties, protecting from moisture, fat, and odor, and are solid and flexible to pack and store. As approved by the Institute Cyclos-HTP, the mono-material packaging is recyclable with other mono-polyethylene (PE) films utilizing diverse existing recycling streams across Europe, aiming for a circular economy. 

The adaptability of the packs allowed Fressnapf | Maxi Zoo to design around 150 pet food packaging designs from 300 g to 12 kg. All packaging sizes deliver extended shelf life and ease of use for customers.

Mondi has a continuous partnership with Fressnapf | Maxi Zoo and quickly responded to their request to create a new packaging range for pet food. 

Color printing technology

The new SELECT GOLD range segments expanded color gamut printing and a new screening technology by U.Günther, providing sharp text and visuals on the packs. The innovative process utilizes fewer inks and eliminates chemicals from plate production. As the colors for each design don’t need to vary, the transition from one design to another is quicker and more efficient.

Customers worldwide are calling on companies to contribute to a circular economy, and rightly so. The team performed closely with Fressnapf | Maxi Zoo to design a packaging solution for its dry pet food range that is recyclable, fit-for-purpose, and visually attractive – protecting the product while being easy to use.

Fitore Loshaj, Regional Sales Germany, Austria & Switzerland for Consumer Flexibles, Mondi

Yannick Christiaens, Senior Expert Lead Product Development and sourcing Dry Food at Fressnapf | Maxi Zoo, adds: “Collaborating with Mondi made this a gratifying process. Our two and four-legged customers trust us; they know we love pets and that we are committed to creating a better world for all of us. This is part of that – our 150 different pack designs are part of our sustainability journey, and there will be more to come, all of which will lead to fulfilling our vision ‘Happier pets. Happier people.’”

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