Sustainable packaging containers with ESG criteria

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Source: KAO
Including environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria

Kao Corporation, through its US subsidiary Kao USA, the brand “MyKirei by KAO” embodies “Kirei Lifestyle”. In April 2019, Kao published the “Kirei Lifestyle” as a sustainable lifestyle that consumers want, and announced the ESG strategy “Kirei Lifestyle Plan” in April 2019.

It will make full use of the technology born from Kao’s essence research, and propose a product group that is unique to Kao’s environment and society. In the future, KAO plans to gradually expand the business in Japan, Europe, and other Asian countries.
ESG strategy Sustainable lifestyle
Recently, social issues such as climate change, aging society, resource depletion, and marine plastic waste have a great impact on the market itself and are changing consumer needs. In response to such changes, Kao has set the “Kirei Lifestyle” as the sustainable lifestyle that consumers want and has compiled the ESG strategy “Kirei Lifestyle Plan” to realize it. It will enhance the “Yoki Monozukuri” that we have been promoting so far from the initial stage of product design to “Yoki Monozukuri” from the ESG point of view, and with Kao’s unique approach, and it will create a rich living culture with joy and satisfaction for people around the world. At the same time, KAO is working to contribute to the sustainability of society.
Kirei Lifestyle
The “My Kirei by KAO” that will be released this time will start a business in the US as a brand that embodies “Kirei Lifestyle”. It will propose unique products that have a low environmental impact and are easy for anyone to use, based on the technology developed from Kao’s essential research.
Easy eco pack
For the three products (shampoo, conditioner, hand wash) released this time, the film container “Air in Film Bottle” developed by Kao was used for the first time. The film is a soft material used for refill containers such as “Easy eco pack”, but it can be used as a self-supporting container by inflating it by inflating the outside of the container, and the amount of plastic used is pumped. It can be reduced by about 50% compared to mold bottles. 
In addition, its lineup of replacements to promote repeated use of the pump. It is also an environmentally-friendly container that has less liquid remaining than conventional bottles and can be used to the end.
In the future, it plans to propose a wider range of products that can contribute to consumers’ Kirei Lifestyle.
Brand concept
Kao is committed to developing environmentally friendly products such as sustainable packaging containers and developing ingredients that match product features. Through research that considers society, we have proposed “clean” to consumers. The Japanese word “clean” not only means “beauty” and “cleanliness” but also represents the state of mind and the attitude to live, which leads to “clean” in society in addition to myself. Kao thinks it will continue.
My Kirei by KAO – Kirei Lifestyle
“My Kirei by KAO”, which will be released this time, is a brand that symbolizes “Kirei Lifestyle” and is in harmony with the environment and society with the concept of making life more beautiful not only by myself but also by caring for others. We will propose a simple and beautiful life.
MyKirei by KAO of three of Caring
  • “Caring for people”
proposal of products with easy-to-use twist anyone and available until the last Air In Film Bottle
  • “Caring for society”
body and mind, Clean the surroundings, raise awareness about cleaning habits – Handwashing classrooms, etc.
  • “Caring to the Earth”
Plastic saving, water saving, power saving, etc. -Reduction of plastic by Air in Film Bottle


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