The excellent news about Polystyrene – is 100% Traceable Recycled Styrene

Pyrowave, a Canadian company, and pioneer in microwave-assisted catalytic depolymerization technology, announced at the Advanced Recycling Conference held in Cologne, Germany, that it had reached a significant stage for the destiny of global plastic recycling and the fight against climate change.

Pyrowave technology – First 99.8% purified polystyrene recycle

Pyrowave technology has successfully passed Michelin Groups’ quality trials with the first 99.8% purified recycled styrene monomer from polystyrene waste. It marks a significant achievement for the company and provides a viable solution for recycling styrene products.

Traceable and segregated recycled styrene

The recycled monomer can be blended into industrial elastomer batches, boosting sustainable manufacturing practices. For the first time, an outcome product will contain a completely traceable and segregated recycled styrene monomer, where all the styrene will be physically available in the product rather than credit-based content. It is a significant breakthrough for recycling efforts and could help reduce manufacturing processes’ environmental impact. 

A container holding approximately 3 tons of recycled styrene left Montreal for the Michelin factory in France today.

After years of testing, Michelin can produce batches of industrial-grade styrene-butadiene rubber products with Pyrowave recycled styrene, representing over 1,000 passenger car tires.

Original Form as Virgin Material

Pyrowave, a Montreal-based startup, has developed a microwave technology to recycle waste polystyrene plastics into their original form, styrene monomers.

It can reuse the high-value raw material in producing items made from recycled materials and use the same applications as virgin plastic utilized in transit, packaging, electronics, and construction. It is identical to virgin material with a reduced carbon footprint of 45%.

This approach solves the global plastics recycling challenge by creating a circular economy.

Governments worldwide are setting ambitious environmental goals, and Pyrowave delivers an end-to-end for existing plastic outcomes. It maximizes opportunities for the polystyrene circular economy.

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