First Sustainable Strip Packaging by Romaco and Huhtamaki

Pharmaceutical manufacturer – Romaco and Huhtamaki (foil supplier) are about to start the market’s first-ever recyclable unit solid dosage pharmaceutical products. The innovative Push Pack model formed from a recyclable polyolefin laminate. The film of the strip packaging lets it be recycled back into the loop. More than 90 percent of the film/foil, which is used to form the packaging having the same material components (PE and PP). The outcome is the first packaging recycling comparison of more beneficial than 70 percent. Huhtamaki’s innovative foil/film processed into four-side sealed strips packaging with a push-through function using Romaco Siebler’s established heat-sealing technology. Romaco and Huhtamaki jointly expanded the recyclable Push Packs towards more sustainable pharmaceutical packaging.

Push Packs save material and costs
As per eco-balance, affected the packaging applications in the innovative Push Pack product family have inherent benefits over regular blister packs. It is due to the significantly more economical material consumption, particularly in contrast with Al/Al blisters. The Push Pack foil having the same barrier properties as blister foil but is much less micron and lighter. The heat-sealing devices in Romaco Siebler’s HM 1 series process this ultra-thin primary packaging foil into air, light, and moisture-tight push-through strips. The QuickSeal technology innovated by Siebler, especially for handling flexible laminates with an aluminum foil thickness of between 9 µm and 25 µm. Push Packs are consequently less than half the weight of Al/Al blisters. The material saves directly reflect in the costs: Push Packs are up to 60 percent more budget than Al/Al blisters.
PVC-free Strip Packaging
All packaging forms made from PVC-free strip packaging, either its a standard, barrier, or eco version of Push packs. Since the comparatively small cavities in the Push Packs also mean smaller air pockets, the tablets have a longer shelf life. Romaco can provide the push-through sealed strips in different geometries and designs on demand. All Push Packs have a broad surface that can print on both sides. Siebler heat-sealing machines pack between 800 and 7000 tablets per minute as per requirement.

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