VOG presents the 100% cardboard foodtainer

In the constant search for more environmentally friendly methods and processes, the VOG Consortium has launched the first 4/6 apple packaging in a tray wholly made of cardboard.

Biosüdtirol, associated with the VOG Consortium, the cooperative that will send the first platforms in “test” mode to some customers. The new packaging line makes it possible to realize foodtainers in microwave cartons that do not require plastic stretch film.

Systematic research has been underway for some time by VOG to reduce the use of disposable plastic. And it replaced it with biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable materials. The first practical application is now ready.

“Organic consumers susceptible to this issue – says Werner Castiglioni, director of the Biosüdtirol cooperative. We happily represent the result obtained, which we will evaluate based on our customers’ feedback.”

“We want to be ready for the start of the new melicola campaign with additional packaging lines. It having 4/6 fruit 100% cardboard trays, planned in the other cooperatives of the VOG group,” concludes the Director Gerhard Dichgans.

Vihaan Nagal

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