UK’s first cardboard grape packaging – Waitrose & Partners

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Source: DS Smith

Retailers wants to decreases their usage of plastic packaging, saving 12 tonnes of plastic each year through grape packaging switch.

Waitrose & Partners needed to diminish the unnecessary application of plastic packaging to support a company-wide commitment to packaging sustainability. To implement an innovative and sustainable solution for its Duchy Organic grape packaging, the supermarket converted to fruit supplier Primafruit and directing packaging company DS Smith to start a collaborative packaging design process.

Waitrose & Partners accomplished a packaging solution that would not only diminish the use of plastic packaging but also optimize the pack line to assure efficiencies. Three companies – Waitrose & Partners, DS Smith, and Primafruit, produced a creative cardboard punnet. An end to end closed loop consisting of fully recyclable fibers.

Switch from a plastic punnet to a cardboard punnet, just a simple hack. This food packaging and predicted to decrease 12 tonnes of plastic packaging a year.

The cardboard box is a genuinely biodegradable and 100% recyclable packaging material. It consists of fibers of recycled paper and cardboard. 

Cardboard box is a lightweight but durable packaging material that also offers to carry the punnets more adaptable for Waitrose & Partners in-store.

It is not only is an environmentally friendly solution. Moreover, it also allows Waitrose Duchy Organic the opportunity to enhance its brand visibility in-shop. Therefore, the shape of the new punnet also provides for a flexible shelf view. And also making in-store marketing of the produce more comfortable.
The selection of a cardboard box for Waitrose Duchy Organic grapes was the first commitment to be met as part of Waitrose & Partners. The step-change supposed to save 12 tonnes of plastic per year.
David Ellerington, Head of Business Development, UK Packaging for DS Smith, explains, “The increasing focus on sustainability and environmental impact. By transitioning to cardboard, the entire supply chain benefits, and consumers can more easily recycle the packaging.



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