What If entire plastic is banned?

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Many packaging technologists and research scientists gave their opinion on the usage of plastic. But, Normal public think about the plastic is to ban it. Seriously something since long back, it was innovated, and every one appraised that innovation. That innovation changes the whole world with revolution. Now, we say ban it. 

Many countries have implemented several laws and regulations on the plastic disposal process and the use of plastic if we follow that rule and regulation, why climate change is related to the plastic, not with the other petroleum products in that manner. 

Why is it in the category of the banned list? If plastic is recyclable.

If entire plastic is banned
The ban things are on the tip of the tongue on the mouth, without thinking twice. More than 1/2 of the population is directly or indirectly affect with this banning. The plastic mainly used in making electronics/vehicles/mechanical items and also for packaging. 
1.   Plastic in Electronics
It includes a fridge, AC, TV, switchboard, electronic gadgets, wire covering, and baby toys all having plastic. If we consider the whole plastic is banned, that things shall include. I am not showing the data on how much plastic we have in that category and how much it affects the people if we ban. 
Just imagine if we ban those things.
2.   Plastic usage in Vehicles and their parts
The reinforced material also comes with the plastic-like use of material for car, bike, gears, and automatic mechanical parts. 
3.   Plastic for Food and Chemical Packaging 
Plastic using in food & chemical packaging. The plastic invented for a better protective barrier, which can improve the shelf life of food drastically, compared to another type of packaging. For the time being, we can assume, we can live without plastic in food packaging, but for the chemical which is suitable for plastic, we can’t pack in another packaging. 
4    Pharmaceutical packaging 
Just imagine it without plastic in case of a ban, all medicine in glass and metal packaging. 
This issue arises due to some countries can’t have the recovery process, proper disposal, and recycling facilities. Food, Pharma, and Chemical packaging can recover somehow with glass, metal, and paper packaging with lesser shelf life, higher cost, non-availability, and compatibility issues. But what about other packaging sector and conventional plastic packaging. 
If using the paper/metal instead of plastic, we don’t have that number of trees and mineral ores. And cutting trees/mining of mineral ores will create another havoc situation that everyone knows.
The best part of plastic is – easily can be mold in any shape, better protective barrier, and maximum patent/register mold are in the plastic packaging. 




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