Pharma vs Food vs Chemical Packaging


Pharma Packaging is a critical parameter to secure the quality and preservation of a drug. Any packaging leaks can spoil the product. All Pharma Packaging Systems equipment complies with the latest cGMP provisions and is fully certified & validated with 21CFR Part 11 compliance.

Food packaging is packaging for food. A package provides protection, tampering resistance, and appropriate physical, chemical, or biological needs.

Chemical Packaging: Required as per the barrier protection needed and also has to follow the rule as per the countries specific.

The difference is on a comparative basis:

1. Barrier Protection: The Barrier protection is less in Food packaging, appropriate in Pharma packaging and very high in Chemical/Industrial packaging.
Explanation:- The barrier protection is very much comparative as per their shelf life of the product in the Food industry, very less extension of shelf life in the Pharma industry but in the Chemical industry, it is high prolonged shelf life. Because the food product doesn’t harm the environment if it is leaked and also not critical for consumption.
But Pharma Product is leaked, it is less hazard for the environment and also critical for human consumption. But the chemical product is leaked, both environmental or human-affected(yes it is not a consumable product).

2. Aesthetic View: Food product required the marketing appeal so its high in the Food industry, nominal in Chemical industry but not required in the Pharma industry.

3. Performance Test: Performance parameters like transit test – stack load, impact strength, etc. are high in Chemical industry, appropriate test only is the Pharma industry and certainly less needed in the food industry.
The explanation is as per Barrier protection.

4. Function test: Includes the opening, closing, sealing, etc. analysis of the container is substantially less in food, appropriate in the pharma industry and high in chemical packaging.

5. Documentation: Every step to be recorded in the Pharma Industry, so it is high but nominal in the Chemical Packaging and quite required in the Food Industry


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