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Once we use the plastic, it is thrown away, whether it is recycled or not. Few plastics registered in the category of single-use plastic. Like polythene bags (less than 51micron), plastic straws, tea stirrers, water bottles, and most food packaging. 

Whatever we produce the plastic item, roughly we could recover 30% of this generated plastic. It means we are unable to get the 100% recycling and ended up with a chocked river and polluted sea. The main thing of this ban, to aware of the society why it is essential to rethink plastic disposal and how much havoc situation will be in the future.
Main Addressable point of Single-use plastic are:
  1. Advancing the recycling of all plastic
  2. Not using the polythene bags which have the thickness less than 51micron
  3. Supporting the manufacturing and the use of biodegradable bags 
  4. Properly distribution channels of wet and dry waste 
  5. Encouraging companies to use more recycled plastic with virgin plastic 
Plastic is Petroleum based product, which is not biodegradable and typically goes into a landfill and finds its way into the ocean. It takes to decompose into natural substances like soil. It will break down into small particles after countless years of approx. 500years. In the process of breaking down, it releases toxic chemicals (additives that used to shape and harden the plastic), which make their way into our food and water supply.
These toxic chemicals found in our bloodstream and the latest research has found them to disrupt the Endocrine system, which can cause cancer, infertility, congenital disabilities, impaired immunity, and many other ailments.
We produce hundreds of millions of tons of plastic every year, most of which cannot be recycled. We need to use less plastic, move towards environmentally sustainable products and services, and come up with technology that recycles plastic more efficiently. 
But the question is – Can we live without plastic even though it harmful? 
What if plastic was not invented?





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