More reliable option required to fight with COVID 19

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A reliable option for Hand sanitizer

This pandemic situation, we don’t have such creativity in packaging to fight with the Coronavirus. Many Chinese companies in china have the option regarding the packaging of hand sanitizer in the market for easy availability.

The small packaging could be a useful option to increase the reachability.

The small packaging is your brand ambassador, a communicator of your company values, and what keeps your product fresh. It is a necessary piece of your marketing and assures the quality of your product on its journey to reach your loyal customers. 
Hand sanitizer in small packaging
In this pandemic, single-use plastic can assist in tackling the situation on the ground. Every time the bottle of hand-sanitizer can not carry to the location and not quickly usable for all. Yes, of course, okay for the family is easy to carry. 
Single-use plastic for Hand sanitizer
But if we need to increase the acceptance of hand sanitizer awareness, it needs to pack in single-use plastic (as per dosage of person). Hand sanitizer in small pouches can help to tackle the situation of accessibility. Every people in the society is not ready to spend the money on the bottle but easy for the pouches. The small can be in a dosage form from one to 4 person usage(as per market survey). 
The production of the packaging is too fast compared to the rigid filling packaging and the acceptance of the flexible pack is already in the market. The pouches can be available in a number of varieties such as stick pack, stand-up pouch, pillow, etc.
Pouch packaging has distinct benefits, top among them being: They are cheap in cost, lightweight and more affordable to ship, surprisingly sustainable, and customers LOVE their convenience.
While these services are benefitting particular users, the difficulties and the cost of disposal of plastic items would overwhelm the entire society. 


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