Know-How Photonic Printing?

Photonic printing means ‘printing with light’; more particularly at DataLase, it means ‘printing with laser light.’

Lasers have been used in different applications for several years and are defined as superficial ablation and cutting purposes, which are limited to printing and more extra about the processing of materials.

DataLase connects its novel laser technology with unique color-change dyes to generate a completely new inkless printing substitution. It delivers high resolution with high contrast print on different types of substrates.

After so many years of advancement, DataLase can allow its revolutionary Photonic Printing solutions to develop fundamentally. The way that brand purchasers involve consumers through products and packaging.

DataLase joins conventional and digital printing into a particular solution to deliver unprecedented capability. The instant response to ever-changing market circumstances is fundamental to gaining success in marketing action campaigns. While at the same time streamlining assistance and zero waste in the supply chain.

Vihaan Nagal

संवेष्टन अभियान्ता | Packaging Engineer | Verpackung Ingenieur *Free time blogger *Believe in packaging reform (say naa to orthodox packaging) My life lies between degradable and non-degradable material.

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