Unlimited design variations printing in a single run by HP Smart Stream Designer

Variable Printing for Labels

You may have at one time either another received a promotional card in the mail that your name printed on it and with an offer direct speaking to you. This is an example of a variable print marketing, which has become much more prevalent today with the advent of new printing technologies. 

Unlimited design variations for every label in a single run by digital presses

In the printing world, with the latest digital presses from HP, variable printing has become the premise behind a new feature in digital printing capacities. The HP has created a new application that runs on its digital presses called HP Smart Stream Designer. 

Unlimited design variations by HP Smart Stream Designer

HP Smart Stream Designer lets you, as a marketer, create sophisticated, custom jobs through an easy, affordable variable data tools optimized for HP Indigo digital presses such as the HP Indigo 6900. It including exclusive plug-ins like HP College and HP Mosaic that create virtually unlimited design variations in a print run. For this article, we can focus on one of these plugins: the HP Mosaic.

Simplify and Automate Custom Design

As a marketer, you may be staring at how you can use these tools to develop leads and make sales. With the HP Mosaic plugin, you can instantly leverage existing assets to create custom variants of your campaign art. 
Some of the features of HP Smart Stream Designers are:
  • Sophisticated rule-based variable data for the text and images.
  • the HP Mosaic: automatic creation of designs based on core patterns
  • HP Collage: automatic creation of techniques based on combinations of essential elements.
  • Connectivity to applications that gave location-based variable data, barcode create, and others.
  • Easy-to-use interface, cooperative including Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.

Unlimited editing tool

The HP Mosaic can combine, scale, rotate, and high-resolution exchange images used as a base design pattern called a ‘seed’ to create limitless different variations of your print design. 
The tool’s files output can be produced in high volumes and used as a variable asset in ( VDP ) variable data printing jobs. Once one develops the basic seed patterns, the software automatically handles all the processing—the more complicated and colorful the new file, the better the results.

Real World Campaigns

Diet Coke used HP Mosaic technology for its Excellent operations in Israel. The operations leveraged the Mosaic tool to produce two million unique shrink sleeve labels used to Diet Coke bottles and allow Diet Coke fans to design personal gear, included t-shirts, mugs, and mobile phone cases to match their different bottle. Coca-Cola said they connected a double-digit increase in sales to this campaign.


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