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Beauty product needs futuristic packaging

SOAPBOTTLE is a packaging produced from soap. As the product is being used, the soap packaging very gradually dissolves. When finished, portions can be used freshly, like hand soap or processed into detergents. Soap is made of natural ingredients and is biodegradable: waste can be avoided entirely.

Beauty brands are famous for their fancy packaging. To stand out on packed shelves, companies design ornate bottles and tubes; the average person uses 11 shower gel bottles and ten shampoo bottles a year.

Why need this packaging?

The bulk of these products are packed in plastic, contributing to the 300 million tons produced every year. And because the most massive people don’t have recycling containers in their bathrooms, it is simple for these plastic boxes to end up in the trash. Only 10 percent of all plastic is recycled. The rest of it finishes up in landfills and the ocean, where it will remain for 500 years or longer.

Designer – Jonna Breitenhuber

Berlin-based designer Jonna Breitenhuber has a solution. For her master’s research at the University of Arts, Berlin, she produced a bottle made from soap that can adequately serve as packaging for any liquid hygienics product on the market. They are just as visually preventing as the best-designed plastic bottles.

Traditional Design

These bottles, which she calls SOAPBOTTLE, are created from a traditional piece of soap hollowed out. The interior is marked with a water-insoluble layer, which stops any liquids included within it from melting the soap. There is a reusable metal finish on the cover to allow you to open the lid and pour out your shampoo or shower gel.

Challenges for SOAPBOTTLE

One problem you might face is that the soap will become slippery when it is in the shower. So Breitenhuber added an area to tie a ribbon or strap, making it more comfortable to handle. The SOAP BOTTLE is also designed to be used as soap. Over time, it will continuously dissolve, but this happens slowly, so you will reasonably be done with the liquid contents within it. “These assumed problems are used as design elements,” Breitenhuber explains. “The theory plays with the process of resolution, with the transformation of the object and the individuality resulting from these aspects.”

After a while, you all have little parts of soap left, which she suggests using as hand soap, and it’s completely biodegradable. So unlike plastic, it will not result in any waste.

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